The Concept themankind.org is primarily and foremostly based on virtue of kindness and charity, embeded universally in all major religions. Reader can visit 'Base of the Mankind - Divine Verses' for more clarity

The Mankind is an attempt to provide a free platform (without charging anything) that connects potential donors to needy and genuine recipients, directly and without intervention of third party. The platform tries to connect the donors and recipients with each other based on geographical nearness and purpose of donation/ help required. 

There are many people in the society who can be prospective donors but are not able to contribute because of lack of trust regarding genuineness of need raised by NGOs / individuals as they have not seen/ interacted with each other. Many other prospective donors cannot contribute (although having ability and willingness) as they are not aware of need by the recipients that requires timely action for medical emergencies like funding of treatment, donation of blood and its components etc.. 

Through the platform it is possible for a donor to meet/ interact with the needy recipient and take a call regarding donation. The platform allows the needy recipients to post their request/ appeal regarding 

    Monetary aid for medical exigency
    Monetary aid for educational purpose
    Requirement of  blood and its component
    Requirement of Food 
    Other (clothes, books, fodder to domestic animals, milk for babies of non lactating mothers Etc.)

The NGOs that carry various activities can use the platform for creating awareness by posting about the activities they carry like conducting tree plantation drive, blood donation camp, distribution of books, medical aid camp, career awareness seminars, collection of clothes/ books for its onward distribution to needy, etc. in POST ACTIVITY section.


Worldwide Poverty and its rampant Vicious Circle is taking toll of mankind. Poverty is root cause of all social vices that we see and come across in society on regular basis. Be it non hygienic living and working conditions, child labour, illegal human trafficking and sex abuse, child abuse, drug- alcohol addiction its induced menaces like road accidents, hunger and mal nutrition, lack of sanitation and problems arising out of it, various medical complexities, domestic violence, crimes of all nature- against property/ against person, gender inequality, offences against state, radicalization of ideologies, environmental hazards like pollution resulting from lack of clean fuel resources, trade of endangered species, non access to various types of resources, civil wars, fleet of refugees etc. that collectively resulting in non recognition of Human Life and its Dignity. 

A common man being poor lacks savings and has to spend most of his earnings on hunger, medical emergencies and on education of children (though subsidized by modern day state). Education acts as weapon that allows the poor to break the shackles of poverty by gaining knowledge and vocational skills. Education further brings sense of developing human dignity and awareness about the surroundings.  

The lack of financial resources force the poor to cut back the amount earmarked for exigencies that are untimely. If the poor is able to save his/her earnings on hunger, medical and educational expenses a substantive amount can be used for financial upliftment (micro savings, micro investment like pension scheme) and in-turn for second income generation.  The recent pandemic of Covid 19 has unleashed maximum hardship to poor people as they lack access to medical facilities as well as loss of livelihood.

Through this platform we attempt to find donors who are willing to help the needy persons/ recipients in distress and require help that may be in the form of financial aid (to cover medical and educational expenses) or through donation of blood and its components, providing food for hungry or in any other form like donation of clothes to protect from weather conditions ,giving books (used or new) to students to support learning, arranging fodder for domestic animals (that adds to earning of poor/ fulfills hunger of family members) in case of drought like situations, Etc..