1. The platform www.themankind.org is free and does not charge any fees from its users, visitors. User means registered- prospective donors and needy recipients. The donors, needy recipients can be individuals, group of individuals, persons (individual and legal), NGOs, trusts, body incorporate, firms, etc.. Visitor means person (individual and legal) not registered as user on the platform but visits the platform. The term user and visitor includes singular as well as plural user and visitor.

2. There is no relationship of service provider and consumer between the platform and its users and visitors. User can register on platform with any valid own user email id and entering through true and correct information associated with self.

3. The platform uses various valid details of users to connect the donors and needy recipients based on various parameters entered by them. By agreeing to register as user, the users consents to provide and store various details, parameters entered by them from time to time.

4. The platform uses certain information entered by users to facilitate the mechanism of platform and to connect the donors and needy recipients with each other. By agreeing to register as user, the user consents the platform to provide, store and process the information and data of the user, submitted from time to time.

5. By registering as user, the user consents the platform that the information and data entered by him/her is available for perusal and to establish contact to and by other users/ visitors available through various pages, dash boards of the platform. The other users, visitors will have access through various pages, dash boards regarding information and data entered by the corresponding user, time to time, to which the user provides consent.

6. The act of providing of consent mentioned above includes consenting by user regarding getting contacted by other users and visitors, once the user posts requirement / appeal/ activity, based on details provided by the user. Submission of request, requirement/ activity is treated as permitting the platform and other users thereby consenting to have access for information and data entered , which may be acted upon either by contacting the user or otherwise, by persons having access to the said information and data.

7. The user, visitor shall not use the platform in any manner to exploit or otherwise the other users, but to get and provide genuine help to other users.

8. The platform, its team and persons (individual and legal) related to it shall not sale the data entered by users. However if the data is sought by the local administration/ law and order agency of concerned state/ province of respective country, the same shall be given in broader interest of public at large taking into consideration the laws of land, to which the user shall not have any objection in any manner.

9. The user, visitor- recipients and donors should ensure that both the requests by needy and its fulfillment from prospective donors satisfies laws of land of concerned country, state/ province etc. and are performed under proper professional supervision. Please note that the platform is not substitute to standard medical operating professional guidance and procedure.

10. The platform, its team and persons (individual and legal) related to it have no liability in whatsoever manner and of any nature, for in case of occurrence or non occurrence of any event/ series of events, which is unforeseen or otherwise, resulting/ caused directly or indirectly through use of the platform along with any experience the user, visitor – recipients and donors undergo. It is the duty of users - recipients and donors to verify the genuineness of the other side and fulfillment of laws of land. The unforeseen events include but not limited to treatment and response the users receive from each others, Act of GOD, Technical glitch, cyber attack, hacking of website and data, any act of visitors, etc..

11. The user and visitor, shall not use/ misuse, handover/ sale the data, details of other users to any one or otherwise whether in order to get personal gain or not. The user and visitor, shall not cause of any nature- harm, inconvenience, injury or otherwise, whether remote or direct to any user and visitor of the platform, including the platform and persons related to it.

12. The platform is governed by the various state and central laws applicable from time to time in State of Maharashtra, INDIA. The court of laws having jurisdiction over State of Maharashtra, INDIA shall have sole jurisdiction to administer justice.